Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Mystery Solved: X-Files 2016 - Babylon

Seems like Mulder has not quite dusted the sands of 'Californication' off of his big, "good ol' boy" boots. It is no secret that I am an X-File fan, or rather I specifically have a big girly crush on David Duchovny.  I watched the 'Babylon' episode and wet myself laughing - Mulder ' 'Shrooming Large' in Texas.  Had to stop and rewind several times.  No spoilers, but it turns out he was off his head, generally rather than fungally.

I especially loved his post-trip chat with Assistant Director Walter Skinner.

Mulder: Dude, I was on fire.

Skinner: Dude, you were an embarressment.

(Later - with Agent Einstein)

Mulder: were there.  You were 'Fifty Shades' of bad!!!

Warning - Do not listen to Tom Waits if you are operating heavy machinery or of a nervous disposition.
Tags: vids 2016, x files 2016

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