Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Questions 101

This applies to LJ too

1) Continual nudity posts - I get it's your thang (or for your 'Thing'), but it's not my scene and I don't want my screen cluttered with boobs and bits, thank you.

2) People who friend me, then I never hear from them again - then try to add me again.  WTF? You wanna talk - pick up the phone.

3) Religion slamming - whether it is promoting your own or dissing another.  Peace, love and light, guys.

4) Naming and shaming specific people who have pissed you off.  I got rid of a fellow LJer who put someone's name, address and phone number on here, in order to incite anonymous calls to their adversary.  Don't do that - it's freaky.

5) Spammers - nuff said.
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