Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard


Mothering Sunday was quite nice - I have a plant due from Prodigal 1; Prodigal 2 has promised me something next time he gets paid, but better still, we went to Waterstones and I bought a mini biography of Lucian Freud.  Really enjoying it, plus a Chinese takeaway which sealed the deal for me.

Been reading a lot, hence NOT being at the coal face.  Plus side - warm front room, lots of tea, interesting books and not bemoaning my lot re LJ or FB.  I will have to rootle around databases tomorrow so I can start on Essay no. 2 - letters from the front line (mostly war nurses etc).  Mary Borden is always one to watch, but I think they mean transcribe what you understand from the hurried letter from regular medical folk.  Which is fine by me - doesn't have to be British; can be translated from other languages during WWI.

Beautiful weather, spring is on it's way - but bloody cold.  Was snowing in Bristol today and it tried to sleet a lot in Truro yesterday.  Wonder if we will get the Arctic blast as foretold for Easter?  Brrr!!
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