Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Reading & Research - Honestly :-)

I can't wait to be shot of February - dull, cold, miserable, cardboard month.  Not inclined to stay in my office much, therefore I haven't written an LJ entry for a while. I am in another room doing a LOT of reading, trying to get the Mary Borden book finished (The Forbidden Zone - another good read) by Wednesday night and the rest of All Quiet on the Western Front by the end of the weekend.

Personally, I am feeling a LOT better now I am not sandwiched flat by coursework and I am even beginning to like close analysis reading again.  Most of my symptoms have died down a bit, but was caught out by a product that had milk in it and had an extreme reaction to it.  Quiet today - cold and dusty outside.  Cold and dusty inside too - really want to feel warmth infiltrating my bones.  I yearn also for the pure unadulterated pleasure of Writing For Fun. It has been too long. Hubby says that he has noticed that I have lost my sense of humour recently.  Zut alor !!!

Roll on spring.
Tags: reading

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