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X Files Premiere - UK

I was an X-Files fan back in the ninties/noughties (basically because Mulder was cute/pretty masterful with a torch)and time hasn't diminished its attraction. Not so much a fan of the films, though. The premiere hit the UK tonight and I think it was fair to say that myself and my forty-something nerdy pals were glued, even if Anderson's face is pretty immobilised and Duchovny is a bit dog-eared.

Ironic to think that Mulder's initial paranoia about crooked governments seems to be legit in the 21st century. I am far more likely to believe in corrupt officials and rich, shady, largely-anonymous figures, than little green men. Still, shaping up to be a great series, though the British press don't necessarily agree. The Guardian considers it 'underwhelming and ultimately unnecessary'; The Express feels that it is 'A Nostalgia Fest that Descends into Chaos.'

I don't care - let them reboot and nuts to their ne'er sayers.
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