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Lolita Essay - Day IV

Since my trip to the gastro clinic, I have taken on board the diagnosis (especially the moderate flat erosive gastritis bit - realise now that the excess acid was burning a hole in my stomach), and have changed my diet drastically.  Some of it is down to the fact that when I eat certain things, I become ill, so there is no getting away with it.  It's very easy to look at food as some sort of pacifier; it is very different when you look at food and it feels like it has been rigged with a time bomb.  Have had a bit of research into things that can help to calm the system down, trying not to be faddy about it all.  Feeling a LOT better and my weight is starting to shift too.

Biggest change has been a bed wedge that has tilted me upwards - that has made a LOT of difference.  Best nights sleep I have had in a long time, well worth the money.

Plus....I have bought a Hapi drum.  Bloody expensive but always wanted one.

This is exactly the same drum (HAPI) mini D Akebono and I absolutely love it.  I can read music and have played many a tin whistle; at one stage I attempted the flute, but gave up because I had trigeminal nerve damage.  Plus, I bought a bodhran, with the full intention of learning how to play, but never got round to it (I really need a bigger office!!!). So, much to (probably) the family's annoyance, I will be a-chiming and a-squealing again in no time :-)

Back to Lolita - office is cold.  Bit of a problem - Hubby and P2 are out and I have lost the plastic lid to my board marker.  I heard it clang again the gas fire, never to be seen again.  Have tried looking under the fire, scrabbling on the floor under the fire etc., but no show.  Thing is, if it has dropped INTO the fire, I can't turn it on.  Hopefully, they will be back soon.

Fire has been on for a while now (plastic retrieved), but today has been as slow as hell.  Barely 200 and very distractable.  Would like to get a bit more done and expeand this essay quite a bit before I end up pairing it back and making 'pithy' comments.

Bah  * Humbert *

2,773 - but most of it is Kincaid, so I will have to ad-lib and pare back on that.  Tomorrow is another day...
Tags: ba english yr 3, criticism and culture, grindstone files - year 3, lolita, vladimir nabokov

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