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Lolita Essay - Day II

Lollipops - the signifier of childhood.  Right now, I am trying to piece together my essay, where once again it feels like a herculean task.  It's a notoriously touchy subject - how to prove that indeed Humbert was a predator and that he didn't show any true pity or understanding of a girl, or behaved appropriately.  So many people like the licentious side of what it represents i.e. underage sex, but they throughout the discourse, they fail to see the damage.  Once again, I have to suspend my point of view and actually be quite calculating with what I am about to write in this assignment.

* sigh * - wish I could've stayed in Glastonbury....

1,315 - now that doesn't seem a lot more than yesterday (less than 200 in fact), but I had to start from scratch again and suddenly, I was writing like a bard!!! Like - wow, wish every day could be like this.  I have to now use Kincaid tomorrow to profile his behaviors and why he fits the prototype perv, plus I think I will have to dig around the 'fase child' syndrome, where distance and objectification contribute to Humbert's stasis and that of the memory of his original love.

Jeez, if I could have a max output of 1,325 every day, then I would be done in three days. Onward tomorrow :-)
Tags: ba english yr 3, criticism and culture, grindstone files - year 3, lolita, vladimir nabokov

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