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The World is My Oyster/Ballad of 32

Once upon a time, a very long ago, two old schoolfriends found themselves in serious, life-altering trouble for very different reasons. Both were shell-shocked; the following yearwas time to reflect and perhaps begin to heal.  One kept the other's personal articles until he was able to have them back, the other gave her a slide rule and a blue bead.  Today, the girl received a heliograph from the other side of the world via the post and she was thrilled to bits.  Not only fascinated about the nano technology, but also it reminded her of the the kids they had been.  He finding a new toy and they both having joy from it.  Somethings have not changed in 35 years. Kindreds - spiritual brother from another mother.

* music relevent - symbolic of the year.
Tags: leigh

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