Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
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Ulysses - 'Circe'

Have been AWOL for most of the day so haven't done a lot of work re Ulysses.  I have just read 2/3rds of 'Circe' - there is no polite way of saying it, it's a headfuck.  I understand the idea of free flow thought processes, as we are not linear in our processing - but sheeesh!!!! I understand that it is about guilt complexes, but don't understand the hallucination parts (which is what this extended chapter is about), unless Bloom/Dedalus are on something stronger than mere alchohol.  Train of thought derailed often.  I think if I wasn't pressured into reading this, I will see it as a truly great piece of work, or 'epic' as Neil Gaiman once said.

Right now, I could do with a library to sit in as there are so many distractions in this house.  Need to gut out my impressions, other than Joyce has tested the idea of 'random' to it's limits.  Probably won't get a load of marks for that observation either.

PLUS:::: I have had an infected toenail bed since 3rd week of December, of which I had antibiotics for and a referral to a podiatrist.  it appears I have now got an ingrown toenail - it feels like it is growing out of the top of my toe.

* mumble, grumble, crumble *

907 words altogether. Almost a third of the way there - will be pinning a LOT of quotes soon, but I am done for the night.
Tags: james joyce, ulysses

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