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The Sensual World/Ulysses

I hadn't realised that Kate Bush's album The Sensual World was inspired by Ulysses - specifically 'Penelope'.  You learn something new every day.

I have switched reading the copy that Plymouth Uni gave me and have started to read one that has a better font size.

I am quite pleased as I have started to gut out the framework of the 3 main chapters that deal with sexuality.  I am looking into the challenges of tradition in Roman Catholic Ireland.  The womens' roles etc.  Plus, reminding myself of the key concepts of modernism (which I glossed over a bit last time, it seems).  Still, 600 words - 20% done :-)

Below is a directo's cut video of The Sensual World, called 'Flower of the Mountain.'

With thanks to bethnoir xx
Tags: ba english yr 3, grindstone files - year 3, james joyce, kate bush, ulysses, vids 2016

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