Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

BA English - Down But Not Totally Out

I have to admit defeat.  I am continually exhausted and am not spending any form of quality time with my family, let alone friends and other loved ones. If I am not working, I am travelling or in bed with hardly any down time.  So, I am researching whether it is feasible to change my year to two years.  I was in the RL office this afternoon discussing possibilities and with all the prodding and poking that will happen to me this month, I will not be up to deadlines and stuff, especially if I will be knocked out for one procedure.  It doesn't help that the anniversary dates of Hubby's diagnosis is on the horizon and playing on my mind (though there is nothing in my bloods to suggest it is anything else than IBS/lactose intolerance).

Tomorrow, we are phoning Student Finance and confirming things at Plymouth.  I think after the two submissions of Crit/cult and Modernism (Lolita & Ulysses), I will take one more module, then leave a module for next academic year alongside the major dissertation.  Let's see what Uni and SF have to say about it - then I will announce it to my Truro Refugees (one of whom may follow me).

Tags: ba english yr 3

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