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Major Dissertation - 'Carmilla' Annotation

St Ives at night

I have been away from uni for a week now.  I started to have serious doubts - not just breaking through walls, or overcoming obstacles but REALLY struggling emotionally to deal with this.  I spent time with my former lecturer yesterday evening, watching 1st and 2nd years perform at the St Ives Arts Centre (interesting place - appparently, it is where Virginia Woolf used to play with her sister). Seeing her made me feel better, like I am not a faceless commodity anymore. I am making steps to complete some work now, going back to annotating Carmilla.

I wish I had known that I could've spread the BA top up over 2 years - modules year one and major dissertation year two.  I am a third of the way through the third year now.  Still, back to what i know best - lose myself in a book.


Have finished annotating Carmilla. Lots of rich symbolism there and many examples of Freud's 'Uncanny.'  Hubby moved my room around a couple of weeks ago and now it is functioning once more.  So nice to read in a comfy chair with Classic FM on and a gale blowing outside - the Met Office have named it storm Desmond (since when have we been naming storms??? The last one a week ago was called Barney and I thought they were joking).
Tags: ba english yr 3, carmilla, grindstone files - year 3, joseph sheridan le fanu
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