Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard


Yesterday was a bit catastrophic - P1 was skimming over some plaster board in the loo, tapped a pipe thus creating a new water feature in our old water closet. After drowning briefly, we had to turn the water of until Superplumber arrived at 9pm to fix the problem.

Because of the problems with water pressure, Hubby turned the aga down. The thermal couple wire broke and now we have a dead aga and no hot water. Plus, we don't own a microwave, a wok or a slow cooker. Basically, all we have re food heating appliances is a toaster and a kettle. No reply from our regular gas guy either.

Thankfully, we still have heating.

Today, I am annotating some of Lolita to add to my PP. Tomorrow, some friends are laying on a light lunch for us. Must bring spirit/body/soul/assignment marks out of the gutter.
Tags: the black dog
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