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Cricism & Culture: The Ladies' Paradise - Day 3ish

I have been tinkering with this assignment since Sunday and like the Modernism essay before it, I find myself taking it apart and reforming it into countless documents.  I think this is mostly borne out of fear.  We haven't just gone up a gear; we have gone up several notches, with the need to produce what we did last year at double quick time.

The Ladies' Paradise is loosely based on 'Au Bon Marche', so here is a pretty picture of a french retail giant, that has possibly (or allegedly)consumed the 'little store' in its aim to gain the most consumers of its product.  My advice is not to read up on the greed of the consumer and its origins, or you will question the motives you have about buying ANYTHING (or at least deriving any joy out of it).

Christmas is going to be f*****g ace in my house this year...


It is a HUGE jigsaw puzzle now - 1,450 words with more besides on another set of notes.  Alas, I haven't got the metaphoric box lid to see whatit will look like when I have finished.  I am conscious that in less than 60 hours, this will be uploaded as a PDF file, regardless of the finished state.  I haven't got the luxury to schmooze over it like before.  Then, I will have to knock up 1,000 words over the weekend as the start of my major dissertation kicks in.  This half term holiday week is NOT a reading week - it is an all-systems-go week where you tie yourself to the desk and make yourself work.

I can't wait til this course ends - by my reckoning, it will be in 182 days from now.  Sounds miles away, doesn't it? In reality, I have to produce the following: this essay; another 2 assignments on 'Modernism and 'CritCult' respectively (3,000 x 2); 5,000 words on Satire;  5,000 on War Poetry, countless powerpoints (at least one if not more per subject); and a 10,000 dissertation, with a diss portfolio included.  Altogether over 30,000 words.  Jeez.  I will have to be surgically removed from my desk.
Tags: ba english yr 3, criticism and culture, emile zola, grindstone files - year 3, the ladies' paradise
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