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I read three quarters of this back in August and it was so over packed, my eyes healed up and my brain shut down.  Now I am annotating it albeit very slowly - keeping an eye on Barthes, Simmel et al re quotes I can use to support my argument (whatever that is - haven't decided yet).

I am still fiddle-farting around with my portion of the 'Futurist Manifesto' pp - fellow student Abi has put in a sterling effort, I am focusing on his career post-manifesto and its affects on modernism as a theory.  Suffice to say, I can't plunder from wiki, but I think I am digging through more academic stuff c/o Plymouth Uni portal.  My first impression of Marinetti is that he was a total bastard - product of his time.

Still considering T.S. Eliot's 'The Waste Land' - still trying to figure it out, I hasten to add.  Many narrative voices, a handful of languages thrown in.  Great.  My link to Ezra Pound is that he edited 'Waste Land' (just as well, really - you can see EP's hand in TS's work - especially if you have the misfortune to read 'Hugh Selwyn Mauberley').
Tags: ba english yr 3, grindstone files - year 3

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