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Ok, so it is ten past midnight on a brand new day. I have been trying to knock up a PP about 'Creatures of the Night.' I have narrowed it down to monsters, vampires and ghosts, trying to analyse the tropes and reflect the morals/values of the late (and deeply Victorian) gothic society.

I have been doubled up like a pocket ruler, in bed and in discomfort - my latest bout of cramps making itself known. All of us Truro refugees have been gloriously under prepared - consequently we are all feeling the heat. We have 2 PPs and 2 assignments that need handing in. Oh, and we need peer review forms....and new assignment covers....and we have to electronically submit the latter by converting it to a pdf. All before the thirteenth too. I can't find any of my memory sticks, the printer doesn't want to recognise the software and I haven't read Roland Barthes' 'Mythologies' for tomorrow yet.

That, my friends, is what the two hour train journey is for.

I have added Edgar Allan Poe's 'Ligeia', Bronte's 'Wuthering Heights' and Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu's 'Carmilla' to the mix. I have to find possibly 4 more books/poems as minor texts. Maybe parts of Samuel Taylor Coleridge's 'Christabel', Polidori's Vampire tale, Lord Byron's 'Darkness/A Fragment' and any of the A J Day stories, that got the ball rolling for Byron, Shelley et al.

Right now, I am knackered. Nighty Night.
Tags: ba english yr 3, grindstone files - year 3, major dissertation, powerpoint presentation

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