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The Mind Has Mountains

I cannot communicate just how much there is to do.  The modular timetable is less of a mystery, but still confusing in areas - hence a lot of transition student huddles as we try to figure out wtf we are supposed to be doing.  I am meant to be part of a group that should be deciding its choice of manifesto to fully utilise in a PP (group presentation 15%) of the marks) a few weeks for now.  Fellow group members pretty sluggish about sorting things out; I will pick a topic and go on with it, if they don't get their collective fingers out.  I need to figure out my major dissertation timetable and email said lecturer with good news via great links (provided by another lecturer).  Somewhere along the line, I will have to read Lolita as I have another PP on this - namely the following:

Analyse the depiction of Lolita's sexuality in the novel, giving three or more examples from the novel.  How does Humbert 'read' her and do we 'read' her differently?

It's all a bit creepy to me, but it's something I have to do - Nabokov's book is not comfortable reading and I have to know Freud pretty well before I make any assumptions.  Last of all, but definitely not least, I have several modernist poe3try to get from the reader namely the following;

In your copy of Rainey (ed.) Modernism: An Anthology:

Ezra Pound,

  • ‘In a Station of the Metro’ (p. 43)

  • ‘Imagisme’ & ‘A Few Don’ts by an Imagiste’ (pp.  95-99)


  • ‘Orchard’ (p. 441-2)

  • ‘Oread’ (p. 442)

  • ‘Garden’(p. 443)

  • ‘Sea Rose’ (p. 443-444)

  • ‘Night’ (p. 444)

William Carlos Williams. Read the following sections from his long poem Spring And All:

  • Parts I &2 (p. 504-505)

  • Part VI, verse section beginning ‘The rose is obsolete’ (p. 511-512)

  • Part XIII (pp. 521-522)

  • Parts XXI & XXII (pp. 529-530)

  • Part XXVII (p. 537)

And....somewhere along the line, I am meant to be scheduling a library session this week.

*sigh* - will I EVER see the sun again????
Tags: ba english yr 3, criticism and culture, grindstone files - year 3, major dissertation, modernism
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