Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

BA English - The Beginning

Wine Floral:

Today has been so long and arduous, I am insensible with tiredness. Spent 2 hours on the train minus my earphones/something decent to read and bugger all view (I will have to pack the iPod for sanity sake).  Then a further 3 hours getting my uni card from admin (photo makes me look like a convict), familiarising myself with 3 different building seemingly miles apart and trying to sort out my access codes, as the uni website allows me SOME access at home, but shuts me out of crucial areas (like whose group am I in?/Module handbook - basically all of the critical stuff). We had our Modernism lecture, which was interesting enough, but not a lot of help for transition students.

As one of my other Truro refugees have said - "I just wonder how MUCH we have been left out of the loop?"

Me too, kiddo...
Tags: ba english yr 3
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