Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Answer for question 4512.

Have you had any pets in your life? If so, do you migrate towards just one type of animal (just cats, etc), or have you had a menagerie over time? What's your best story about a pet you've had?
I have always had a cat or two - not so keen on dogs as a rule. Stories? Oh, plenty....

Siouxie dragging a full-grown crow through the loo window and finding only the feathers and a very full cat. Gem as a kitten discovering a banana fritter wrapper from next door's bin and rolling all over it (I had to wash him in the sink - he wasn't amused). Gem and Tig fighting - she would want to play, he would want to hold her ears with his front paws, whilst battering her head with his back ones.

Then there are my two furry comedians - Dill (who sleeps in front of the fan in the front room) and Timeshare, who has 'moved in' and who pats me with her paw like I am her pet human


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