Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Porcine Miscreant

It was going to happen - my immense distaste for the Conservative Party knows no bounds.  I find it VERY interesting that Lord Ashcroft has landed the PM in such deep pig doo-doo - and via The Daily Mail (right wing tabloid comic, masquerading as a quasi-broadsheet) of all publications. Jeremy Corbyn is slated from the press and the Beeb as being too left wing/loony/old to be a party leader - yet this prick can be prime minister whilst trashing the poor, legalising fox hunting and cavorting with red-headed tabloid tarts from the'Chipping Snortin''set. The piece de resistance is seemingly another'youthful indiscretion'; not content on merely setting fire to tenners and pissing on tramps whilst out with his 'Hooray' chums, he also (allegedly) inserted his 'Member of Parliament' into a dead pig's mouth, as part of an initiation to a privileged diners' club.


Tags: humour 2015

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