Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard


Caffeine Club - which is likely to become my second home

As previously stated - yesterday was Induction Day where precisely knob-all was done. Queuing for ages, then found that they haven't processed my uni card. Consequently, our next lecture was reduced to nine minutes, followed by being stuck in a lecture that we weren't meant to be in.

Nothing doing re understanding the module timetable either - the response was a bit 'sup it up, buttercup', which sandpapered me up the wrong way. Anyway, thanks to my fellow Truro Refugees, at least the day was bearable.  We basically learnt that the 'north' staircase is NOT accessable from the 'south' staircase and indeed appears to be in a totally different dimention.  Everything is 'second star on the right and straight on til morning'.

To further mix metaphors - I guess we're not in Kansas anymore :-/

Tags: ba english yr 3

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