Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

7-7-1 (And An Octopus Chair)

With thanks to egg_shell - what I did today.

1. Had lunch with Hubby at Lakeside Cafe.
2. Took P2 to work.
3. Had my ears pierced.
4. Was told that friends are coming down from Kent to see us on Saturday ( * silent scream * followed by panic).
5. Bought contact solution (recommended cleaner for new piercings).
6. Drank tea with sister at her house.
7. Started to sort room out with iPod on docking station.

1. Wasps. Loads of them.  Apparently, the queens have stopped laying at they are bored and loading up on rotten fruit.  Just what we want - pissed wasps on the rampage.
2. As I cleared up, I found some books that I had forgotten that I had - really pleased too.
3. My bank account swell by £43 - thanks to second-hand book sale.  Cool :-)
4. An ambulance outside a neighbours house - bit concerned.
5. Timeshare and Dill cometing for my attention - both currently on my desk, looking daggers at each other but pretending to be pretty chill about in (about 18 inches apart.
6. How to play Connect 4 with my niece.
7. That the IQ test I took says that I score between 110 - 115 - so not in the top five percent, but smarter than the average bear.

1. 'Breathe' by Pink Floyd on loop in the car.
Tags: meme
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