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More gardening today - this time mostly the lawn.  Tomorrow, the thistles and other weeds that are about 4ft tall are due for the chop.  I ache, mostly around the shoulders.  Saying that, the garden is beautiful - a tangled mass of wild and cultivated flowers.  I think that it is my way of avoiding reading my book mountain. The Ladies' Paradise is ok, but drags on a bit (only got as far as p.68 - the novel is about 450 pages and I have yet to breathe on Ulysses).  Oh and I sneaked to our local pub to have a coke 'n' peanuts with my sister and family. We were talking Kindles and my sister recommended 'Audible' the audio book app.

Hey, I am all for listening to a story, rather than try to read it all cross-eyed.  I had to do that with Wuthering Heights.
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