Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Answer for question 4458.

If you could make a playlist of 20 songs that sound like your childhood, which songs would be on it? Why would you choose those particular songs?
OK - here goes....

1) Beatles - Get Back. I remember singing it whilst toddling around.

2) The Rolling Stones - Honkey Tonk Woman. Sunday roast and my parents drinking cider.

3) Abba - Dancing Queen. Absolutely adored Abba, this was number one when I went to a freind's 8th birthday.

4) The Rolling Stones - It's Only Rock and Roll (but I like it). Reminds me of hot summers and barbeques.

5) Sweet Sensation - Sad, Sweet Dreamer. I was bogged down with a massive bought of hayfever and remember having this on the radio.

6) The Bay City Rollers - All of Me Loves All of You. Never really liked the 'tartan effect,' but it was played at the school disco.

7) Abba - Eagle. THE best Abba song of all time. Reminds me of playing in the woods at Catherine's house.

8) Fleetwood Mac - Tusk. Again, school discos.

9) John Travolta & Olivia Newton John - You're the One That I Want. Catching a train to St Ives with Kay & Claire W.

10) Pink Floyd - The Wall. Came out when I first started secondary school. "We don't need no education..." Yes you do - that was a double negative.

11) Gerry Rafferty - Baker's Street. Nick G's birthday party.

12) Hot Chocolate - Every 1's a Winner. Dialing 16 to hear pop music.

13) Bee Gees - Tragedy. Listening to the Top Twenty on Radio 1 when it was on MW and losing signal.

14) E.L.O - Diary of Horace Wimp. Trip to the Plan-An-Gwary to watch festivities with Becca A.

15) David Bowie - Ashes to Ashes. Literally the beginning of my teenage years.

16) Japan - Ghosts. Writing poetry with Danni, Mandy and Alice.

17) Soft Cell - Bedsitter. Hanging out and getting into trouble with Claire P.

18) Everything Gary Numan.

19) Duran Duran - To The Shore. Again - Danni, Mandy and Alice, but drawing as well as writing poetry.

20) Duran Duran - The Chauffeur. Falling off a donkey at the September Festival. Nearly broke my nose and spent the night with a packet of frozen peas on my face. Wetting myself when one tries to rhyme 'hush' and 'bush.'
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