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Results Day

Intergrative Applied Studies - 67.00%

The Victorians - 70.50%

Integrative Literary Study (aka Bluebeard) - 71.50%

Film Studies (Tim Burton-Auteur/TheTell Tale Heart Script - 72.20%

Romanticism - 67.00%

New Technology & Writing - 65.00%

Sub-total of Aggregate Marks

Level 4  - 70.17

Level 5 - 68.87

Programme Final Mark - 69.52%
Result: FdA English Studies 2:1 with Distinction!!!!!!
I fell short of the first by 0.48%, but after the year I have had, I am very pleased, not to mention very, very relieved.  It even had to be checked by another adjudicator as the margin was so near. I was awarded the distinction, which has pleased me.  Just need it to sink in a bit.  Out to our local Italian tomorrow with friends, then back to the reading block for the third and final year :-)
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