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No sooner is the ink dry on the mini diss, I get a reminder to get started on my year three reading. Dude, I have been comatosed for the past few days just recovering...and you want me to do what, exactly?


Selected Stories - Katherine Mansfield
Ulysses - James Joyce
To the Lighthouse - Virginia Woolf
Selected Stories - Lawrence, D. H.
Modernism: An Anthology, edited by Lawrence Rainey (Blackwell)

(Apparently I get the above for free)

Criticism and Culture: Modern Life and Literature

Set texts in this order:

Zola, Emile, The Ladies’ Paradise (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1995).
This is a long novel so please ensure you read it over the summer!
Topics to consider: the rise of the department store; money; consumption; women’s roles as consumers; commodity fetishism

Barthes, Roland, Mythologies (London: Paladin, 1986).
Topics to consider: the ideological meanings of commodities

Woolf, Virginia, Mrs Dalloway (Oxford Classics)
Topics to consider: the city, walking through the city and different experiences of London life

Waters, Sarah, Affinity (London: Virago, 2000).
Topics to consider: the representation of the prison; surveillance; the disciplining of bodies and persons inside and outside prison

Doyle, Arthur Conan, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Hertfordshire: Wordsworth Editions, 1992). Short stories to include ‘Scandal in Bohemia’, ‘Yellow Face’, ‘The Man with the Twisted Lip’ so please make sure you have access to these stories.
Topics to consider: surveillance and the role of the detective; discipline; bodies and disguises.

Nabokov, Vladimir, Lolita (London: Penguin, 2000)
Topics to consider: infantile and adult sexualities; desire; ‘abnormal’ sexuality; commodity culture and sexuality

Do ensure you read the novels over the summer as this will give you a good head-start for the semester. You will also receive a reader of additional cultural documents.

Spring semester

War Writing

Poetry of the First World War: An Anthology – Ed. Tim Kendall
All Quiet on the Western Front - Erich Maria Remarque
The Vintage Book of War Stories – Ed. Sebastian Faulks and Jorg Hensgen
The Forbidden Zone – Mary Borden.
If this is a Man – Primo Levi
Slaughter House 5 –Kurt Vonnegut
Machine Dreams – Jayne Anne Phillips
Contemporary war poetry (reader provided)

Laughing Matters: Cruelty and Comedy of Satire

Extracts from Horace, Juvenal and Lucian – made available in READER, see below.

McFlecknoe’ and extracts from Dryden ‘Discourse Concerning the Original and Progress of Satire’. (In READER)

George, Duke of Buckingham, The Rehearsal: A comedy, Gale ECCO print editions, ISBN 9781170362389 [there are numerous e-book editions and other hard copy versions, and it doesn’t much matter which you use, but make sure it is one which isn’t printed with multiple, clearly evident errors due to duff OCR!]

Swift’s prose—extract from Gulliver’s Travels and ‘A Modest Proposal’ (IN READER)

Alexander Pope, Selected Poetry, ed. Pat Rogers, (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1998) [ISBN: 0192834940] – esp. see the Imitations of Horace and ‘Epilogue to the Satires’. We’ll also look at Pope’s letter in the periodical The Guardian, no. 11.

Byron, The Vision of Judgement (1822) [this is a long(ish) poem], and an extract from Don Juan (IN READER) Best online edition of The Vision of Judgement is:

T.L. Peacock, Nightmare Abbey and Crochet Castle, Penguin, 1969 [we’re interested in NA, not CC though reading both would be fun—this ed. costs almost nothing on Amazon or Abebooks, or libraries & second-hand bookshops will have it]

P.G. Wodehouse, The Code of the Woosters, Penguin Modern Classics, 2001 [as above!]
Kurt Vonnegut, Galapagos (1985) [various paperbacks: any edition is fine].

Oh and Dissertation. Get your title sorted and then read everygoddamn thing on it - no pressure ( I wrote that - not Plymouth).

It's only been four days...

* sigh *

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