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Inspiration to my portfolio essay 'Valentine.'  I have a feeling that it is going to be a looooong day as I will have to get a critical eye run over this last piece before I submit it to a competition and then write a comprehensive update of my stuff before submission tomorrow.

Not asking a lot, is it?


OMG - As I have started to storyboard this again, I realised how it so easily scripted into a screenplay or similar. I am fighting not to do this as I HAVE REALLY GOT INTO THIS IDEA!!!!! Probably because I made a mini success with the Edgar Allan Poe screen write.  Goddamn it - I have got to get the story to a mate of mine before she goes to bed tonight AND I have to rejig all of the abstract and the appraisal.

Have rewritten the story, but no reply from friend as yet.  Therefore, I am ploughing on with my appraisal - if I don't get a response by 10pm, i will have to just submit it and hope for the best.  Felling so knackered but I still have my eyes on the prize.

I have got the comments back from my informed friend, who thinks that I have nailed the Valentine piece. I have compiled EVERYTHING now and it is good to go.

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