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ILS: Bluebeard - Final Cut (Day 6)

It is not until I read part of the mini diss to an 'informed friend' that I realise just how much more work/clarification is needed.  I know if I can make this argument work, then I will be very proud of my achievements.  Things hang in the balance - like not a lot of time to pull this off.

Lillies are relevent - thematic in Carter's book.

If I am successful in what I am undertaking, this could be my best piece of work yet. Or, it could be 'just ok' and I suffer what i term to be the 'Wuthering Heights Effect' circa January 2013.

I am feeling the strain a bit.  I have worked very hard today and I am actually feeling a little sick. I will plough on for now, but might just call it a day if I don't feel I am getting anywhere.  I DO feel that I have constructed the argument well enough, of which this the whole premiss of this assignment hangs on.

I am absolutely doubled up, but I have finished the first full draft of the mini diss - all 5,333 words of it.  Am leaving it for a day before I cut swathes into and/or add academic 'sprinkles' but for now, I am done with it.

Onward tomorrow with redrafting the AIS portfolio :-)
Tags: angela carter, bluebeard, fda english y2, grindstone files - year 2

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