Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Answer for question 4408.

Do you have something you've always wanted to tell someone but never had the chance to say? Use this post to write an open letter to someone and finally tell them what you've always wanted them to know.
Dear Long Ago,

I am so sorry in regards to the way I behaved. I was pressured into making decisions that I was ill-prepared to do, but I felt that those decisions were the only ones I ould have made. On reflection, I realise that it could have been handled very differently, but we can all experience from hindsight, can't we?There isn't a day that goes past without me feeling regret - on many levels and the consequences that spiralled from that decision.

My only defence is that at that time, I was too immature to understand the ramifications of my behaviour. I really wish that I could have apologised to you in person, but it is too late now and besides, I don't know whether my apology wouldn't be interpreted a different way and would have made things worse.

I hope that on some level, you forgave me. Regardless, I am sorry for what I did to you.

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