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ILS: Bluebeard - Final Cut (Day 1)

I haven't touched this essay for months, quite simply because of the pressure we were under re J's illness and operations.  I have 11 days and two projects to finish.  I made a start on Perrault/Grimm/Dickens.  Trying to find some clarity here.

I maybe gone for some time...

I have summed up The Robber Bridegroom in 232 words.  Well, that's a good start.....possibly need to pad this out by another 1,000 at least.

I have written 1,068 words, albeit a lot of quotes and observation points.  I think I will rely heavily on Dickens and Grimm as they are far more salacious, plus it leads me nicely to carter later on.

Time to stop - theoretically I have only 1,500 to write and I will do that easily with the stuff I have to write.  This is not a 'cinch' BUT I find this far, far easier than Postmodernism (yeah, I am still stung about that - it will pass).
Tags: fda english y2, grindstone files - year 2, integrative literary study

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