Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
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Room F140


Last night, I dreamt that I was in a massive Halls of Learning, that was based on the Plymouth University layout, but in fact was elsewhere. I was in the art block, where the walls were dark green and had green foam triangles sticking out it. I stared down the stairway that was very reminiscent of the staircase in film 'Vertigo,' except that instead of spiraling down, it was arranged as a series of boxes. It reminded me of the Kenwyn building at Truro College and I was at the foot of the stairs, sitting cross-legged like the teenagers do.

I was in a group of other students, when suddenly (in a panic), I realsed I had forgotten to hand in some crucial work to my main lecturer. I left all my worldly goods behind - a bag with a laptop in it, my new Kindle and my SmartPhone. I ran into the Fal Building to submit the work, only to find that Room F140 had disappeared. I was told that it had been "taken away" from me as I "didn't want it enough." I had an argument with whoever was in charge and suddenly, the room reinstated itself. In the furore of submitting the work on time, I had forgotten about my possessions left in this 'art block.' I knew by now that all of the students guarding it, would have just left it there and had gone home. I ran back to the block, fearing the worst, that I had left two grands worth of media equipment up for grabs. I thought that I was doomed, only to find it was still there - all intacta, present and correct.

What I found interesting, is that I was not the age that I am now - I was about 16 and dressed in hipster clothes of today's teen generation i.e. lots of greyscale knitted granny wear, black tights, white gymshoes and a knitted beenie hat. The laptop case was monochrome too, a raggy bag with Indian print on it.

I'm recalling it, because it left such an imprint on my psyche, I found myself pondering on it during today. I think it came up because the postmodern assignment was a bloody nightmare to do and I was worried that if I spent anymore time on it, it would eat into my time for the creative writing portfolio and mess up my swansong mini diss. Suffice to say that even though I procratinated a bit, I did concentrate more. That and I realised just how much I will miss Truro College in a way that I didn't with my previous college, Penwith. Especially Room F140 and the great lecturers I have had.
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