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New Tech & Post Modernism - Day 3

Out of anything I have done on this course, I think this part of the New Tech module is the part that sucks.  Even with the Romantics, there is a framework to follow i.e. the sublime, the pure spirit of children, the altered state etc. Because of the changable nature of Postmodernism, you cannot clinch some of it, because just as soon as you think you KNOW what you are talking about, the bloody pattern shifts.
So, how can you write a concise academic essay on it? It would have made better sense to have a Modernist module, THEN through the rule book out and study Postmodernist.


Back to the drawing board.

1,843 - there are better links on the FB forum thanks to our lecturer, but at this moment, I am done.  Make that SERIOUSLY done.
Tags: fda english y2, grindstone files - year 2, new tech, post modernism

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