Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Anarchy in the UK

There is unrest in the capital as people march against the re-elcetion of the conservatives and their 'Austerity' measures. For full story with video - click the photo, or this LINK

Found this on Progal 2's Facebook - sums up what a lot of people feel.

Seeing people react to the sh*t in London is just laughable. "It's democracy, you lost, deal with it" [and] "Degenerate scumbags."

Uh, I don't see how 36% of voters is considered a majority. I don't see how protesting over a party which have no regard for anybody apart from themselves is classed as being a "degenerate." I don't see why we have to deal with this government constantly screwing the majority of the country over.

I don't see why fox hunting has to be legal.

I don't see why MP's need their pay risen by 10%.

I just can't understand why people roll over for these f*****g a**holes all the time. If the people in power continue to do what they do, expect more than just teargas and shoving. There's going to be riots that'll make 2011 look easy.

I reposted it on FB and now on here - even with the original errors left in. Unrest? You bet.

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