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Anna Laetitia Barbauld - It Begins

A neat quote, however I would settle for notion of thought at 14:45 of a Saturday afternoon.  I have started this already because I have kicked Postmodernism to the kerb for a while.  I can't afford to stare blankly at a screen for too long, when I could be doing something that I understand and leave that bloody subject for last.  I even nostagically yearn for Bluebeard (due to start again in a week or so).

Problem is, I am not sure what indeed Barbauld contributed to the Romantic movements - some stunning poetry, yes and the fact she was a teacher for a long time (an interesting feat back in the late 18th c to early 19th c).  Is there anything else that I could possibly wax lyrical about alongside a couple of lovely poems (I especially love her 'Beauty of Insects' one)?

I have turned off all forum activity and am back to Classic Fm and White Noise.  I maybe gone for some time.

Well, I havve managed to get this up to 1,356 words from a mere 569, so I am on the right track.  Tomorrow, I will expand re the Autumn poem, then move onto the Beauty of Insects

Time for Inspector Montalbano - Fazio è abbastanza carino - mi chiedo se dovrei imparare l'italiano?
Tags: anna barbauld, fda english y2, grindstone files - year 2, the romantics

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