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New Tech & Post Modernism - The Prologue

At the moment, I feel that I am trying to take a crash course in learning the POMO jargon.  I HAVE wondered if not knowing clearly about signs and semiotics is down to something I have significantly missed between my ACCESS course and my FdA English; stuff other students may have learnt, but was not part of the ACCES syllabus. Nobody’s fault, just somehow I have slipped through the net of understanding.

I am attempting the NT2 essay, but before I do that I have to work backwards a little.  I understand a little of it now – mostly about the nature of structualism.

Modernism vs Postmodernism
Modernism Postmodernism
romanticism/symbolism paraphysics/Dadaism
form (conjunctive, closed) antiform (disjunctive, open)
purpose play
design chance
hierarchy anarchy
mastery/logos exhaustion/silence
art object/finished work/logos process/performance/antithesis
centering absence
genre/boundary text/intertext
semantics rhetoric
metaphor metonymy
root/depth rhizome/surface
signified signifier
narrative/grande histoire anti-narrative/petite histoire
genital/phallic polymorphous/androgynous
paranoia schizophrenia
origin/cause difference-difference/trace
God the Father The Holy Ghost
determinacy interdeterminacy
transcendence immanence

Plus understand the works of Jacques Derrida et al.  Busy Busy Busy.
Tags: fda english y2, grindstone files - year 2, new tech, post modernism

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