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The Yellow Wallpaper - Day 2

After doing quite a bit yesterday, I compiled more of the running interpretation today - I think I have got about half way through it.  Really though, I should concentrate on the academic side to this.  I have a feeling that I might do someting with the noted form, like at a later date spoof it up a bit as I have done with other hallowed works - such as "Dr Foster went to Gloucester" as told by the X-Files

Time for work - see if I can nail this sucker.

It appears that I am following my usual trail of resentment, because there is fantastic sunshine out there and I am shut in on my own. I have started to wander when bored.  You can tell just how bored I have been - the aga lids are clean, the plants are fully watered and i have just pulled up a lot of weeds by the tower. My inner brat keeps whining that " But I did so much yesterday!!!" My outer self is practically nailing me to the chair, lest I procrastinate more and wander weed-wards towards the garden.

* sound of whip crack* - back to the chair!!!

I haven't been near the desk in hours. There is 1,848 words on the word count, plus I did 2,000 on the interpretation essay, which I have running alongside of it. I have recorded the YouTube version onto my dictaphone, so I can listen to it as a story in my spare time.

I will have to research the Edgar Allan Poe link at some point.
Tags: charlotte perkins gilman, fda english y2, grindstone files - year 2, the victorians, the yellow wallpaper

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