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The Passing of the Piglet - Goodbye Peugeot 205

I know it is stupid to get sentimental about cars, but in scrapping my beloved 205 (Piglet) yesterday, it feels almost the same as if I have taken ol' Sheppy into the backyard and brought out the twelve bore. I have the unenviable task of finding a runaround (VW Polo, Seat or whatever) before resorting to car sharing with Hubby, who will be laid up for a few weeks and will be cranky enough as it is, lest I breathe on the steering wheel of his pride and joy.

I mentioned about the emotional attachment/car thing to my mechanic and I think it's because I first had the car when my folks were still alive. He replied with a resounding "Yes" and I KNOW he could identify with me on some level as he has an attachment to one of his cars for similar reasons.

We can't turn back time, but there are certain things we wish we could keep with us...

RIP Piglet :'(((
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