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4,930.  That is the amount I have written all told.  I have made some good observations but I am miles from even submitting it as a rough draft for Monday.  I really need to cut swathes into it, as I haven't added sprinkles/observations from the academic essays yet. The absolute maximum is 5,000 + leeway of 10% = 5,500. However, as this is rough, I have at least got something to show her.  It is a subject that I should've reserved for final year BA - God knows what that will be.  I have no idea as yet as to what i will be majoring in. Hoping to get advice on Monday - I know that my lecturer has emailed the coordinator with our proposals, but yet t be seen as to what they will be.  I need a solid answer so I can do some hefty research in the summer.

I have 3 other assignments to do and an IAS portfolia with comments - none of which I could get near, though I have got some time yet before the deadline.  Officially, I have 55 days (just under eight weeks) to get this done.  I am bricking it.

My car is now officially on its way out.  I am throwing good money after bad and it's getting worse.  Head gasket is dying, I think and when that happens, its usually 'Game Over' for the car.  Thing is, we are strapped for cash, but because of our locality, it is absolutely essential that I get back on the road ASAP. Car sharing and/or public transport is just not an option for me.
Tags: angela carter, bluebeard, fda english y2, grindstone files - year 2, integrative literary study, the bloody chamber

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