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Bluebeard Mini Dissertation Part Two - Day 1

I have spent the past day or so reading/annotating The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter, specifically the first title story.  For those wanting to read Carter (and simply, I think she is amazing) the link is HERE

I know,  I have posted this quite a few times recently - but it reminds me of weakened positions and it could be argued that both men and women can be weakened by transgressions (whether it is passive/aggressive).

I have wondered whether Jeanette Winterson has been inspired by Carter - I can see parallels.  Reading a lot of Carter's stuff put chills down the back of your neck.  Right now, I have to consider how Carter shows the Bluebeard theme as a modern-day representation.
Tags: angela carter, bluebeard, fda english y2, grindstone files - year 2, integrative literary study

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