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Plymouth University - Rolle With It

Above is the Rolle building, Plymouth University, whre I imagine I will be spending most of my last year.  My choices have been made and sent today. This is my syllabus from September 2015.

Autumn/Winter Term
Core - Modernism - 20 credits.

Choice - Criticism and Culture: Modern Life and Literature 1880 - present - 20 credits.

Spring/Summer Term

Choice - Laughing Matters: Cruelty and Comedy of Literary Satire - 20 credits.

Choice - Literatures of Environmental Crisis - 20 credits.

Throughout the year - Major Dissertation: Project in Critical Writing (subject/theory of choice) - 40 credits.


I look at that lot and try not to break out in hives. I think if I had viewed each successive academic year's intinery, I would've made a bolt for the door. I am just about learning about Post Modernism, so I am ready for the prequel  From what I can gather, modern life/literature = sex and shopping (haha - just kidding).  Literary satire I should enjoy, because it is with the wonderful Dr Min Wild. Literature of Environmental Crisis - it is this that I feel the itch bumps poking through my skin.  I will have to be an Eco Crit Theorist before I hit the last term.

Major Dissertation - I have no idea.  Really don't want to do dystopian writing as that appears to be a popular genre.  I have already in the process of the mini dissertation on 'Bluebeard and the Disappearance of the Cautionary Tale,' so I can't really rinse/repeat on that.  I said tongue in cheek that I would like to do a Discworld Study - lecturer thought it might be worth a punt.  At least get my foot through the door of the fantasy genre.

Whole process is a bit 'in-yer-face' at the moment.  Better just 'Rolle With It' (sorry).
Tags: ba english yr 3, plymouth university

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