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Today I took a hint then my car to a car wash.  To others it may seem grubby, but to me it is the preverbial sieve - hence the reason why it is not washed often.  I have managed to patch up most leakages, but found to my cost where the car is leaking again.  I am too broke to get another second hand car and she is at least road-worthy.

I bought some art gear for my film project,m then ventured out to St Buryan and Sancreed.  I visited the church then the iron age site Carn Euny

St Buryan Church Pix are HERE and Carn Euny Pix are HERE

* with apologies to Looloo - bluegerl - LJ was playing up a bit yesterday, wouldn't post my stuff to start off with *

(Teddy was found on a pew in the church - so sweet, nes pa?)
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