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A Change of Heart

After watching A Doll's House, I decided that I couldn't write an assignment on it.  Possibly because I was drawing too many uncomfortable parallels. I may compare A Doll's House as a secondary reading; it just made me unexpectedly unhappy very deep down. So Instead, I am doing the Charlotte Perkins Gilman's The Yellow Wallpaper. I find the narrative voice less irritating, even though the script is more harrowing in places.  For those not familiar with this story, it is about a woman mental decline from post natal depression, made ten times worse by her husband and supporting family.  In short she is imprisoned in a bedroom allegedly for her own good.

Story is HERE

I have also changed my Romantics choice - I did Blake over two years ago and I think I will just regurgitate the stuff I did from Access and I don't really want to do this.  So, I have gone for Anna Barbauld and her poems on autumn and spring. Still working on film script and I have to prepare my ILS rough draft for the lecturer, who is coming down from Plymouth (she will be assessing and recommending what I do for the major dissertation for the third).
Tags: charlotte perkins gilman, fda english y2, the victorians, the yellow wallpaper

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