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Bluebeard Mini Dissertation Part One - Day 6

This is the final day before rough draft hand in. I have tons to bash out then edit, before I wave it in front of my main lecturer (who is a lovely lady, but because of her position of Top Noodle,is tough to please academically).

Heads down - let's play bingo-go-go.

well, it didn't go according to plan.  I have shuffled around a few bit - but to be honest I am so damn tired, I can't think straight.  I think I have over done it, to be frank.  I slept many hours last night, but I am staring at the screen and just now want to crash.  I am done with this - 2,033 words, be damned.  it's a rough draft and i now feel rough.

Tags: angela carter, bluebeard, brothers grimm, charles perrault, charlotte bronte, fda english y2, grindstone files - year 2, integrative literary study, massive attack, vids 2015

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