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Tim Burton PP - Day 3

Truthfully, I have gotten a bit fed up with this.  Not Burton himself, per se but most definitely the stop/start and glitches/restart.  Friends have arrived and Hubby is happily yapping to them in the front room.  I want out - the weather is cold but gorgeous and my eyes are crossed, fingers sore from typing.  What on earth am I going to be like when I hit my third year? I have less than 4 months to churn the rest of the stuff out.  Onward with the PP - I have a feeling that I won't go to bed until 90% of this bloody thing has been delivered.

How to kill the love of something stone dead - spend a month on the project and have a series of f*** ups on both the seminar paper AND the PP.  Making progress, but getting cabin fever.

Good news is - I think I am about 80% the way there.  The last 20% will be wrestling with detail and some nips and tucks.  At least I can tell my lecturers that everything will be ready by the due date - will not breathe out til the lot has been done.

I will be working on this when I get home tomorrow.  The plus side is because I am changing the PP, I am also going back over my essay and rewriting it, making a better job of it.
Tags: contextual study of film, fda english y2, grindstone files - year 2, tim burton
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