Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Tim Burton: Auteur - Week 2 (and a bit)

It is just as well that I am doing Burton, as I would have become even more bored than I am now.  It always happens when I remain too long on a project.  I can't help but feel that the seminar paper lack a LOT of stuff.  I spoke to a former year 2 student, who said she had the same problem with Stanley Kubrick.  I just think that I need more techy terms for film development (that I probably should have researched more on it all - but because of circumstance, I didn't).

2,010 words but a LOT needs rewriting.


I have been at this sporadically all day.  I need to go back to my drawing board. 2,500 words, way over count, haven't dicussed screen angle or shots and feel like this is a bloody huge mess.


At long last, I can see progress.  I restructured the essay on my board, gutted it down on a fresh document and block copied chunks over.  it is looking a hell of a lot better and I think I will expand and pare back where necessary. I can breathe out a bit now - it also means that the PP will look tidier too :-)
Tags: contextual study of film, fda english y2, grindstone files - year 2, tim burton

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