Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Tim Burton: Auteur - Day 2

I haven't written for a while, for personal reasons - but find that I have to plod on with my projects.  I use this diary to chart my progress, plus it does stop me feeling totally alienated from the outside world. I am hoping my projects will take my mind off of things and I suppose the escapist world of Tim Burton is a good a place as any.  I did start some of this off just before Christmas, but was derailed somewhat.

Anyway, I have started the 2,000 word seminar paper and have also begun the PP - collecting TB pix and trying to line up the texts and the pictures together so there is some consistant flow.  Part of me thinks I should be going to the cinema to see Big Eyes, especially since it is sans Johnny Depp (which is unusual) and Helena Bonham Carter (which is messy). I find the latter a shame as I like Bonham Carter, he seem to do a lot of excellent work with her.

I find doing the PP easier at the moment, plus it is helping me direct my essay.  I am using his stylistic influence to prove his impact as an auteur.

Sleety thunderstorm (with added powercut) stopped play.
Tags: contextual study of film, fda english y2, grindstone files - year 2, tim burton
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