Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
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Answer for question 4162.

Pet peeves are those seemingly-minor things people do or say that really annoy you. What tops your list of pet peeves?
People who cut you up either on the road or in the supermarket - then dawdle, making it impossible to pass them.

Lateness - P2 used to irritate me when I used to pick him up from town. I would be waiting in a 'no parking' zone for 10 minutes or more. He would then appear, saying that he didn't know what the time was. I would be like,"You have a watch strapped to your wrist, a mobile phone in your pocket and are with friends, who have similar devices. Plus,there is a town clock that chimes every quarter of an hour - how can you NOT know what f******* time it is??" Suffice to say, he is rarely late now.

Bad grammar - not that keen on people who change nouns into verbs either.

Other pet peeves:

1)Overused buzzwords, specifically new ones e.g. "Part of life's rich tapestry"; "high octane career"; "singing from the same songsheet." Nrrrrgghhhaaa!

2)Bad portmanteaus. I was brought up to reject the word 'ginormous' as not being a word (I can hear my mother say even now that something is 'GIAgantic' or 'enorMOUS' but never, ever an unholy coupling of both. Ironic as now 'ginormous' is in the dictionary as an accepted word. My parents would turn in their urns if they knew this.

However, P2 (funny how his name pops up twice in my list of irritations) bandied around the word 'prettiful' to get a reaction and I found that I actually liked the word.

Well, look at me - the anal-rententive parent hell-bent on good form. LOL, I promise that I am not - I just do the British thing of wincing a lot in public, then having a tirade when I get home :-)
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