Proofreading Course - Lesson 5: Proofreading on Paper

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So, proofreading on paper...I have only downloaded a quarter of the next set of files and OMG it is a chonk! 14 pages of explanation and 17 pages of signs and symbols. Proofreader alchemy. I have already listened to one of several podcasts and YouTube links that are lined up. Thankfully, I have now sussed Adobe and MS Word Track feature so yay for that, but there is a lot of reading around and ahead for this one.

In a better frame of mind than I was yesterday, think I have sussed what was bugging me specifically and now that's been resolved. I can carry on. Somehow, I've got to make this proofreader thing work, no matter what. My last ditch attempt to be free of the post Brexit slave stranglehold. I don't typically like absolutes, but judgment is harsh on the newly qualified over forties in employment, unless you go freelance.

The End Of Things

"The chief beauty about time is that you cannot waste it in advance. The next year, the next day, the next hour are lying ready for you, as perfect, as unspoiled, as if you had never wasted or misapplied a single moment in all your life. You can turn over a new leaf every hour if you choose.”

Leon Wyczolkowski - Spring in Goscierad

Strange day today - I awoke with a message from a former colleague asking whether our former bosses has started advertising for our old jobs yet. It crossed my mind that I hadn't seen my former boss' presence on Facebook for a while, only to find she had disappeared from my friends list. No problem there - some deactivate, others get a new ID etc. I would have noticed more if it was someone I was a lot closer to. Something was nagging me in the back of my mind, though - so I checked a mutual friends page and found she was missing from there. Until I went incognito with another account and suddenly her status reappears. Bingo -  it seems I've been unfriended and blocked. I certainly had left on extremely good terms with her, so initially I didn't suspect issues. I did have a strange WhatsApp message from her regarding a free coffee just over a fortnight ago, besides that - nada. I KNOW who's behind this after last year's debacle where the extreme pressures of the job saw ALL of us out of our depth. She was AWOL, aforementioned colleague had a massive row with the Overlord and handed her notice in and I basically cracked under the pressure. Basically, it's the Overlord's directive (whom we have all suspected was sleeping with my old boss either now, or sometime in the past), whom I would be happy if he died in a ditch somewhere between here and Newquay

The thing is, I left the job early because I could not stand it any longer. I bought her flowers, wine and a treacle pudding (private joke between us) and I took my certificate off the wall. I think she might have had an inkling that I was leaving for good, but who knows? When I realised what she had done today, the relief was immense, because I was invisaging just how sticky the conversation was going to be if either she or the Overlord called me. It felt like a massive weight had lifted. I considered burning my uniform, but I thought it's not that I care that much about that job to warrant such an explosive response. Prodigal 2 said that it would be a statement of intent, so he put it in a burning bin, doused it in Sambuca and torched it.

I have felt giddy with happiness all day. Until nightfall...

Now, I feel a tad pissed that I had been treated so shoddily last year and even if I had (in all senses of the word) left long before they decided not to rehire me, I KNOW who's behind this. Thing is, both myself and my former colleague are just part of that long dance, a broken conga of people hired and fired for no good reason - though both self and former colleague technically walked. This has gone on for years and years. So many times, she has had to hire new staff, so many times there have to be 'clean slates' and 'lines drawn in the sand' and any other throwaway comments that tinpot dictators spew forth when they have gone full Darth Vader and then found the Underlings have downed tools. She relies on him to keep her in housing while she is working in Britain; after Brexit and Covid, she has nowhere else to go. Plus, I suspect, she loves him - even if he upped and married someone else. They still have to work with each other and she's too long in the tooth to move on. I know that if you are THAT star crossed about someone, you would donate limbs and organs to stay within their orbit and jettison all those who cause hiccups. I know where that leads, too - it does not end well.

To be honest, I think there are a few things I have to reconsider. Like... who I work for in the future, because I have my glut of badly behaved Overlords in a basic wage slave hell. I prefer to work small scale - hell, I just need to be adopted by someone who likes adorable podgy scruffs, who will go beyond the point of duty to sort things for you.

Now to the proofreading course.

...I got a B. Not pleased, but I will sort a few things out that I need to learn differently. Apparently, I crossed the copyediting line in a few areas and i fucked up my references by a misread - damnit!!! Think she let me off the hook, because she knew I had formatting problems which were not of my making.  A lot of it was good, though and now I'm on lesson 5. Great. I'll tackle that tomorrow.

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I Think My Friend Said "Don't Forget To Smile"

How are you all, out there in there in the etherspace? Me? Not so good. Struggling with the proofreading course, because I can't figure how to fix the format and stop it sliding everywhere. The instructional videos don't help, either. I started the assignment no less than four times to figure this. Formatting all from the start didn't help, nor piecemeal. Somehow, the formatting codes are conflicting with each other and I don't know where or how this happening. I need to suss this, because I am * desperate * to change career. I am usually a straight A student, but it's because I work at it, I'm not some kind of gifted genius. I don't like failing, because if I don't know somethings, I make it my business to learn what it is that I'm failing in. I messaged my tutor, who said to mail it as is, and she will take a look. Alas, it will be a markdown and, I fear, a large one. If so, I will have to consider a big step back and put myslf through a ton of Microsoft Office 365 how-to videos and learn everything about the Doc side from scratch.

Thankfully, there is no time limit on this course, or I would be screwed. My problem is that I feel the time pressure. We are on the breadline, so this matters so much. Frustrations abound. It doesn't help that this is a correspendence course, so no Zoom or phonecalls. I think Open Uni has that facility; CMP doesn't. I don't need my hand held, just guidance face to face. I need to hear intonation, see expressions, ask questions - not a photo of whom I am dealing with and a few trite lines backward and forwards because I need more clarification. There is a time difference of 10 hours between myself and my tutor, so I have to wait for her reply at odd ends of the day.

So, here I sit, listening to goth/industrial, trying to keep a migraine at bay because I have been clenching my jaw so much - plus, Prodigal 2 was at hospital today having a wisdom tooth removed. This wouldn't be a problem if a) Pandemic b) I hadn't had such a botched wisdom tooth operation back when I was the same age as he is now. He is home and in bed, nursing a swollen face but essentially OK.

I dunno...just not feeling it today.

Jake Munro Special - Goth Reviews TikTok (NSFW)

If you are into Goth subculture and dry humour, then these guys are for you. I have followed this couple for a while and I just love them. Brilliant make up aside, Jake has excellent erudite delivery and Kaya is such a sweetie (love her accent, too). He lost this challenge btw, even if he won't admit it.

Their channels are below.

Jake Munro

oxic Tears

Plus, I love his bike :-)