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Um... I THOUGHT I wasn't back at the Hen House this year (photographic company), but after having to turn down a totally separate job at a location that was going to bring me grief,  I had a call from my old boss, who had been prodded by an insider to get in contact.  So... I'm back :-). View above is what I would see on my break at 8 in the morning, which was taken literally a year ago today.  It was on my FB feed as a memory, accompanied by wistful quote (thinly veiling my real and underlined cash-strapped anguish).  Many changes, but mostly protocol and shift patterns.  Thing is, because of Covid, no one knows how this is going to pan out - weeks? Xmas?After Xmas? Who knows? Right now, I am relieved and mightily grateful, come what may.

Before You Snap

Well, I am back to posting on a (mostly) daily basis as I have more free time than I need, and am actively looking for work.  I have applied for several over the past couple of days, but so far nothing has materialised, sometimes barely an acknowledgement email from them.  I am launching a blitzkrieg on all of the job agencies here, plus it looks like I'm on a Pathweys project.  Retraining, probably alongside all the other artists who have been urged to retrain by the government - condescending bastards.

I first heard this song by Yonderboi (sample of course from Jack Nicholson) when I returned to the photolab 2 years ago.  I so miss that place - wages and overtime aside, I miss having my 8am break and watching the sunrise over the misty hills.  I have become so used to the job that not being there feels like a personal snipe.  Truth is, they are not taking on anyone seasonal and I suspect if they do, I am probably midway on their list of returners.  I actually yearn for Audiobooks, Spotify and a corner on my own to pack, with little interaction from others.  Oh and to be paid a regular wage - feeling the pinch, though I have now heard that my previous job IS shutting it's doors before Xmas even if the actual holiday village isn't.  Plus side - at least the shop manager and I are on good terms and she will give me a good reference.

Another plus side is that October has been beautiful here

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