My Heart

A few of you know that I had blacked out a couple of times during the summer. I had news on Thursday that things weren't right with my heart. After I received the information from my Dr, I was put onto tablets, but before I had chance to take them, I had a mini heart attack. I was advised to go to a&e yesterday, but Treliske hadn't got my ecg record.

After waiting for a bed all this time (19 hours), I broke down and another Dr took charge, didn't have the 24hr ecg note. I gave him my photocopy (which he should have had) and suddenly, they are moving very fast. Angiogram, echo cardiogram, the full works, with possible view to stents etc.

My Dr sent it to the cardio unit. Before they had chance to get an appointment, the event happened.

I am in the cardio ward due to stay in hospital til at least Thursday and am right now, I am not allowed to move out of bed without someone in attendance.

Relieved that the mri is OK, but things have moved too fast for me to process at the moment.

The Odyssey - Book 3

Sir William Russell Flint | Homer's Odyssey No. 3 Book I | MutualArt

I must admit to labouring on it a bit - mainly because I had a MRI scan of my head a few days ago and try as I might, I can't put the pending results to the back of my mind (no pun intended).  I DID manage to listen to book 3, and found that the descriptives of the 'wine-dark sea and the rosy-fingered sunrise are becoming repetative as indeed, they are repeated often. Bit of a shame that Homer (or indeed a *team* of Homers as it is believed) was running out of descriptives this early on - I wonder if that's the reason that old Bill Shakespeare *possibly* got others to ghost write his stuff.  So many rumours that both men were not the sole writers of their work, but nothing proved either way. Maybe Alan Smithee and The Alias Men wrote it.

I tried to listen to book 4 and my attention started to wander. So, scaled back and had a bit of a ponder on book 3 instead.

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The next chapter seems quite bloodthirsty, as if the slaying of bulls, the stories of the defeat at Troy, and the bloodied love triangle of Aegisthus/Agamemnon/Clytemnestra wasn't enough.

The Odyssey - Book 1-2 Summary

Telemachus and Mentor, the original mentor in Homer's Odyssey. By Pablo E. Fabisch [Public domain],... [+] via Wikimedia Commons
Telemachus and Mentor, the original mentor in Homer's Odyssey. By Pablo E. Fabisch

Well, I promised myself that I would fill the gap in my learning that was largely due to being at a satellite college, that was on a different literary path tha the mothership university. I will discuss this in layman's terms because although I have graduated, I am reading/listening to The Odyssey for research purposes only. I won't look at it with a lit crit head on, but may dip in and out to suit my point of view.

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Favourite Quotes

1) Athena (disguised): And now have I put in here, as thou seest, with ship and crew, while sailing over the wine-dark sea to men of strange speech...

I loved that image, but it got me wondering. Apparently, there are several mentions of a 'wine dark sea' in both The Odyssey and The Illead, depicting a stormy, rough sea. Yet, I had wondered about the development of language back then. This text was written 8th century BC before people had established names for shades of colour. Across the world, it appears there had not been a word the hue that is blue. A few have mused that Homer (if he indeed existed) was colour blind or indeed totally blind - the narrator is meant to be an old, blind man (I haven't established as yet if the narrator is Homer himself or idealised self-inserted Mary Su).

2) Also how the sunrise is 'fresh and rosy-fingered' - a beautiful image for the cold dawn being dispelled by the golden pink first light.

Enough for now - more listening needs to happen for me to progress.


Odyssey - Prologue

It's been 10 days since AW disclosed his 'underworld experience' and I am now passed the cogitation stage. I am between my ECG and MRI scans, which will hopefully determine the cause of my blackouts, plus I have some time to kill before I re-enter the Henhouse in a few weeks. I want to study Homer's 'The Odyssey' but lack time and space at the moment. Thankfully, I have an Audible account (ooh, I would love a sponsership) and the full story is about 13 hours long - which means I can listen to it while doing other things. I must not listen late at night as I will sleep through it, but my plan it to chip through it and understand all the layers of interpretation as well as hopefully enjoy it. I know I should probably read The Illead, but I've been told that The Odyssey is an easier story. Besides, I can swot up on it via the net and if I think of it as crucial to my research, I will download it (just as well I am back at the Henhouse - I can spend more money on reader deals so I have 3 credits for £18 instead of £24.

I have had a bit of a bad run with books, recently - exhibit a is The Master and Margarita plus I am 2/3rds the way through Charles Bukowski's 'Factotum', which has left me cold. People keep telling me what an amazing writer he is - raw, gritty, full of atmosphere. Cool - I can do gritty etc. Have been so richly disappointed. Some of his style is how a 5 year old would write his day at school, but with CB, it's peppered with sordid inanities, which would be far more interesting if he had written a tad more eloquently.

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Still, I will read 'Factotum' to the end, so I can get the book out of the way and say that I've read it, but it will go to the charity shop after that. I am fairly ambivalent about it - I didn't dislike it so much that I have shredded it (E.L James for example - I didn't disapprove of the material, but I despised the writing style), but I don't care enough for it to remain on my bookshelf.

Anyway, tonight I will tune in to my Audible Odyssey.

Wish me luck - I'm going in.

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The Apple Tree Chronicles - Holy/Other

Covid times has seen a few things change regarding whom you thought were important people in your life and who indeed becomes more important, especially when you are a frustrated writer looking for fresh ideas. As we have a spacious back garden with plenty of shade, we are able to have interesting chats with various now-even-closer friends around the table under our apple tree. One friend (AW) recited Tennyson and discussed its many layered meanings (see a previous post on this). He has retold several stories from his past that has raised an eyebrow; yesterday, he told me about an event, that I hadn't realised was about his very-near-death experience, until nearly half way through the story.

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I know that the next conversation I will have with him will be interesting...

Me: *hand creeps up*

He: Yes, you at the back...

Me: *puts hand down* I have some questions....what the actual fuck? How did you get back on the beach? You told me some of what you saw - can you remember any of the other hallucinations?

AW knows I am a writer/copyeditor/proofreader and there is no way that I would want to write a script, but my God, I want to write about this in full! This is a fricken gift! I will keep the narrative voice, because I know it well, but I want to run with this. I will discuss it with him first, but oh wow!

*toddles of to read Homer's The Odyssey and reacquaint myself with Joyce's Ulysses*

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