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More Musings of a Factory Mole

....I hasten to add, on top of a 50 hour week

However, some of this hard earned cash is being (I think ) squandered on my 'Scrap Heap Challenge' of a car. £440 MOT and service recently, plus an extra £100 on door stays + labour.  Then, this morning at 06:40, I tried to start my car.  Nada.  Thought it was the battery again (I am not going far in the car - less than a mile, but with my lights and fan on), but no - the engine turns over and the petrol then floods out onto the tarmac.  Had to prise Hubby out of the sack, so he could drop me in pronto.  Not over pleased at that prospect as it was windy and pissy (weather, not Hubby).  It will be carted off to the mechanic Monday morning, but actually, with the amount that I have spent out so far, it is fast approaching the amount that I paid for that rust bucket two years ago.

More musings of a Factory Mole-Things that are underrated;rest as opposed to just sleep.  I always thought that if you are rested then you would wake easily.  Not so - you can fall to sleep like the dead, wake 9 hours later and feel like you have been on a marathon and sleep was a mere stopping point.  Other things that are underrated - good cake from a decent vegetarian cafe, quality time spent with Hubby and a cat who is thrilled to see you and wants to cuddle.

As I type, I am listening to Classic FM - which embraces me like an old friend. Balm to my ears after listening to back to back Radio 2. On loop are the following tunes:revamp of Roy Orbison"s 'I Drove All Night'; two dirges from Morrissey's new album; Tears For Fears have had a reboot and they now declare that 'I love you but I'm lost' and 'All we needed was some time' - all very Overblown. Finally, some bloody tune reminding us to 'Turn Your Light On.' Jeez - they talk about Heart FM playing the same five tunes. Easy Listening sux - give me imaginative 'Uneasy Listening' any day.

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