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RMB - Koop: Koop Island Blues

Major Dissertation: Chapter 1 - Day 3

This photo turned up my anniversaries page on Facebook.  I hasten to add that it is not a photo of mine,  would eb very proud if it was as it is fantastic, very atmospheric.  It's been very misty/rainy/floody in Cornwall over the past few days.  I suppose that means the Indian summer is over.

Been productive today - I have 3,202 words (mostly quotes) that have to be hauled back to about 2,500 and beyond, so I can be more selective with my writing and have room for expansion if need be.  Got a little way to go before I see my lecturer next Wednesday (he seems very nice and probably about 10-15 years younger than me).  I am having anxiety dreams about not getting the diss done on time and spending half my life on random train stations that i don't recognise, agonising whether I have caught the right one in time.

Making the most of my time though - if I can't concentrate on the task in hand, I do tend to read her other books for the pleasure of it.  Amazon and its penny books :-)

You Couldn't Make It Up

Mine was - 'It's only the kids that get prizes in any case.'

LOL - discussing local pub's Halloween/Bonfire Extravaganza this weekend.

Major Dissertation: Chapter 1 - Day 1

Despite being annilihated by germ warfare, I have made some inroad into both the intro and the first chapter of the major dissertation - over 1,200 words, but I will have to rethink some of it. Otherwise, I will become involved in what fellow student Adam calls 'Revolving Door Rhetoric' - stuck in a perpetual argument, no way of moving forward and most definitely no way of finding contemporary sources to further your argument (suddenly, I have the old psychology of Milgrim 1963, where I have to look for evidence to support Milgrim's case, whereas most find his work contraversial).

Raining here - we need it as we have had a bit of a dry spell.  Hubby not happy, as he was painting the porch up until twenty minutes before it rained. I think I am done for the day - I have some typed notes that I need to refer to tomorrow and the beginnings of properly forming my argument.

Red Jack

I Like Pretending

*Your silver skin *That crawls in rhythm, sweats like spring *Returns me to the death wish *And all my epiphanies *That branded me and broke my knees *Confirms me into the death wish *Misfits for free *A gravity pure expression tears and *Pulls them into the death wish.*And all our accessories *That concentrate the pain and tease. *Embrace them, with the death wish *Are we pretending? *Are we pretending? *Are we pretending? *I like pretending.

DeathwishCollapse )

Major Dissertation Intro - Prologue

If I was a computer right now, you would say that I am on 'safe mode'.  Eyes that feel like they have been torn open and filled with builder's sand.  The eyeballs are doing an ineffectual job, holding back copious amounts of saline and it feels like the lids will burst their banks soon and I will perish in my own mucus.  God, am I attractive right now.

I have made careful plodding starts on my diss intro, with full expectation to draft out the first 1,000 words as intro, then go full forcce into the Toyshop trying to prove various arguments on stage one.  The chapter has to be fully written and referenced by Wednesday week, even if it is purely draft form.  All stands as part of the portfolio.  Last night, I was shivery and knocking back glasses of homemade elderberry wine - tonight, I am on the Lemsip, trying to shift some bug (or at least hold it back so I ca do some work).

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