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"All This Talk Of Blood And Slaying Has Put Me Off My Tea"


Further Forward

After a night of note taking and time pondering, I * believe * I am on the right track and have taken the first 600 words, putting them into a different context. I promised my dissertation lecturer that I will email him a synopsis of the revised edition (first 1,000 words). Whichever way I look at it, I will have to stay on this task for the next couple of days before I leave it for my satire assignment (Swift's 'A Modest Proposal').

Still, time for bed and to rinse/repeat tomorrow.


Back to the Drawing Board (A-Gain)

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Must admit to going back to stage one of the second chapter and even further back to rewrite an intro, so that the rest of the essay chapters fall into place.  I am trying to figure what it is that I am missing, why the bloody thing lacks coherence.   If I am centering in on 'the mother' what does that mean in the instances that you have chosen.  On and on and on.  I have got to get a handle on this, or I can't write the diss, pure and simple.

A lot of head scratching today and a lot of referring back to the intro and the first chapter (oh and the 'recommendations to both).  What is it that I am not conveying?  Beats me right now.  Maybe I am not signposting the bloody obvious again - perhaps I am expecting them to be mind readers.  A bit 'FFS, you MUST have read the book, haven't you?' (and dare I say it, I sense that my lecturer has not = male and specialising in war history and Victorian imperialism).  I I maybe speaking out of turn and he is a sweet guy.

Going to bed.  This is going to be my ever waking breath from now til May 3rd.  67 days then - or less, actually as I am meant to get it to the media centre way before this.  Brilliant.

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DM - the Alt-Right Band? Don't Make Me Laugh

Richard Spencer, white supremacist and all round nice guy has come unstuck when he tried to link 80s/90s band Depeche Mode as quote "Depeche Mode are the official band of the alt-right" on his Twitter page and it appears that DM have been less than happy with that idea, bearing in mind that they are left-leaning lecherous bunch, who aren't exactly renowned for their 'conservative' values.  The Guardian has come up with a nice article, which put into words the very thing that most 'Mode' fans are thinking.

Reach Out - Punch Face. Hahahaha


Overdoing It

I am exhausted - usually when I have pushed it too far, it takes about a day and a half to get back on track. I am now on day 3 with not a lot happening. I am also beyond speech, so I have noticed - something else that happens when it's gone a bit too far. My ability to talk coherently becomes impaired, though it thankfully doesn't impact upon my ability to write.

I have nine weeks left and two assignments and 50% of my major dissertation to do. Trying not to run away screaming tbh. I will stay, however. I have to get through to the other side of of this. Maybe it's just sunk in that my life for the past five years is about to be brought to a close. The job market is a very different place than it was half a decade ago. Maybe there is part of me which is unconsciously starting to flap.

Right now, I am snuggled with a hot water bottle and my dental guard in to stop me grinding my teeth, which I am apparently doing during the day as well as the night.



Skullcandy - brilliant sound quality, but why are your wires so flimsy? At this rate, they will only last ten days. I would be willing to pay double for a durable pair. Yet, the thought of travelling 2 hours sans sound just doesn't bear considering. So I will have to treat you like I am nestling sweet baby chicks in my ears.


RMB: Gary Numan - Engineers/Kraftwerk - Showroom Dummies

Bit muffled, but harking back to his Telekon days.
Reminds me a bit of Kraftwerk's Showroom DummiesCollapse )


Dylan the Love Cat

For silverwhistle - my cat, Dylan. He would give you a hug, but hopes you can settle for a virtual one :-)
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February Platform

Mournful morning, followed by a difficult meeting with diss lecturer, who as sweet as he was - we both knew that chapter 2 has been a bit of a lash up. Disheartened, but I will look at it again with fresh eyes.

Also - mini panic when earphone split in my ear, whilst I was on the train, leaving half its contents in my ear canal. Managed to get plastic part out, but sucky-rubber end was lodged for over half an hour. Hot train = humidity and it caused a vacuum. As pure luck would have it, we went through a long tunnel quickly and the sudden increase/decrease of air pressure was enough to release it - managed to scrabble and dislodge the final part (albeit discreetly - the middle of a crowded train is NOT the place to have an earpiece malfunction and be able to retrieve both fractured earpiece and dignity. Especially if you are are trying not to show you are panicking).

Now comatosed and eager to get home.


Where's the Revolution?


ARCHIATRIC - Using Architecture To Explain 16 Mental Illnesses And Disorders



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